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Project Description

Scaffold Safety Net

Reference Price: $0.3- $1.1/sq.m

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Quality Assurance

Item scaffold safety net
Standard GB 5725-2009
Material virgin HDPE material or recycle material
Specification 80g-350g /sq.m
Mesh type single needle warp knitting
Braided type knotless net
Net type debris net
Size piece by piece, such as 1.8m × 6m;
roll by roll, such as 1.8m × 50m, max width was 6 meters
Anti-UV can choose
Flame retardant can choose
Color can choose what you want
MOQ 20′ container
OEM support
Description Where there’s construction, there’s debris –falling or flying objects that can seriously injure people and severely damage property if not for the safeguard of protective netting.
scaffold safety net can wrap a building in safety, protecting workers, pedestrians, and nearby structures from harm of falling material.
Reference of products European standard2018-12-20T08:21:00+00:00

Reference of products European standard

If you are a new buyer or just curious about the product, We can provide the European standard of the product for your reference. You can get these standards for free.

European standard:
BS EN 1263-1:2014 Temporary works equipment – safety nets Parts 1: Safety requirements, test methods.
BS EN 1263-2:2014 Temporary works equipment – safety nets Parts 1: Safety requirements for the positioning limits
BS EN 354:2010 Personal fall protection equipment – Lanyards
BS EN 355:2002 Personal protective equipment against falls from a height – Energy absorbers
BS EN 361:2002 Personal protective equipment against falls from a height – Full body harness
BS EN 362:2004 Personal protective equipment against falls from a height – Connectors
BS EN 363:2008 Personal protective equipment against falls from a height – Personal fall protection systems
BS EN 364:1993 Personal protective equipment against falls from a height – Test methods
BS 8513:2009 Personal fall protection equipment – Twin-legged energy-absorbing lanyards- Specification

Please tell us the European standard number you want; we will glad to reply if you have any other questions. If you are familiar with this product and would like to give us your opinion, once the comments are adopted, you will receive some discounts when placing your order.

How to get free customize sample?2018-12-03T02:10:59+00:00

How to get a customize sample or develop new products?

It was helpful to supply these specifications when getting customize sample or new products.

Knotted & knotless net: material, the diameter of mesh rope and border rope, mesh size, color, and others

Webbing net: specification of webbings, such as material, color, width, breaking strength and other

Full body harness: usage, models, and others

Ropes: material, color, diameter, models, and others

More details can reduce communication time; If you don’t know how to do, we can also provide some professional advice for reference.

We will let you know if we can supply the same or similar sample; we will also inform whether to make custom proofing if we do not have. All inquiry will reply in two working days.

How about the Exclusive agent and NDA?2018-12-12T02:38:00+00:00

How about the Exclusive agent and NDA

Exclusive agent

The exclusive agent based on the order quantity, you can get priority for the agent if the product does not have a local agent.
We will give you the best incentives to help you develop your market, follow up your feedback on customer needs and opinions within 24 hours.
After one year, we will determine your agent qualification based on the status of your order.

You can enjoy:
24-hour VIP service
Price discount
Free sample
Priority order production, quality inspection, delivery


All your information, including design, samples, products, packaging, etc., will be stored separately after we signed NDA documents.
Won’t leak, produce, and sell your products without allowing. We can also help you improve your design.

How about quality control?2018-12-12T03:00:58+00:00

How about quality control?

Quality control throughout the production process, We have developed a set of quality management and tracking system according to ISO 9001:2015 standard. Third-party testing was also welcome. These products need to go through these tests.

Inspection items for safety net

  1. Construction and Material
  2. The tensile strength of ropes and mesh
  3. Dynamic loading test
  4. Marking and labeling

Inspection items for full body harness products

  1. Materials and construction
  2. Tensile strength
  3. Dynamic loading test
  4. Manufacturer information, Marking and Packaging

Inspection items for ropes

  1. Construction and Material
  2. Tensile strength

FEITE always believe that “Quality was our life,” So we strictly check the quality control process, We want our customers to buy safe, stable products from us.

How about delivery and transport2018-12-03T05:30:12+00:00

How about delivery and transport

Your order will be arranged in the first time when we received the bank payment voucher; It will be delivered within the agreed time unless affected by an irresistible factor. In this case, we will report the production progress to you every two days.
We can complete the delivery with your designated freight forwarding Or provide you with freight, shipping time, destination port charge under different transportation.
The trade terms were: EXW, FOB, CIF, DDU
The transport: Express, Air freight, Sea freight.

How about the After-Sale Service?2018-12-14T06:33:15+00:00

How about After-sale Service?

If it does not affect use, such as package broken, less in quantity, etc.; please email your sales consultant. We can send extra products by express or give a discount on the following order. Promise the same problem will not occur next time.
If the problem was severe, we will check our production process and give solutions for selection in 48 hours. We are very sorry to bring you trouble, and we will cooperate with you until the problem is solved.

How about certificate?2018-12-14T07:22:33+00:00

How about the certificate?

Origin certificate, CCPIT certificate, Embassy certificate can be applied after getting B/L. The Origin certificate was free, CCPIT and Embassy certificate should pay.
If you want to obtain a third-party product inspection report or certificate, we can negotiate and share the costs.
If the product works well on market testing, we can bear all the testing costs and sample charge. All charge will be deducted in batches in subsequent orders.