Vertical Lifeline FT-SLR-04

Vertical lifeline systems provide convenient, safe, and reliable personal fall protection for workers who perform vertical climbing tasks. Many ladder-related accidents are preventable with the use of a vertical lifeline and a fall protection rope grab system. A vertical lifeline enables mobility up and down the entire height of the line, eliminating the need to disconnect and find a new tie-off point along the way. An anchor point travels with you so that you have the mobility to climb while maintaining an anchor point above your D-ring.



Vertical lifeline

Quality Control

ISO 9001:2015




Max allowable length was 10m or custom

Rope Specification

16mm high tenacity polyester rope; Min.Breaking load:6500lbs/30KN

Metal parts specification

Carabiner & Snap Hook : Forged steel, heat treated; Meet EN 362:2004 standard; Min.Breaking load: 5000lbs/22KN Rope Grab:Steel; Meet EN 353-2;ANSI Z359.1 standard; Min.Breaking load: 3600lbs/16KN

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