Staircase Safety Net

Sometimes children are often unable to adequately estimate heights and hazards, so that while romping, crawling and climbing over balustrades, it can quickly happen that they fall from landings/galleries or through stair-rail struts. This also applies in retirement homes, where older people are at a greater risk of falling.


The net has a border measuring approx. 6 mm in thickness all around. An additional rope is sewn/linked to the border mesh. The border gives the net a neat outer edge on all sides. The border and all seams are executed in the same color as the net.
The safety net consists of woven, deep-dyed polyester filament yarn. This is a highly tearproof and stable synthetic fibre. Thanks to the knotless weave, which is no less stable than a knotted connection, the net keeps its shape perfectly.
The 100% polyester material provides better weather-resistance and Wear-resistant, our safety nets are suitable for both outdoor and indoor use.



1 x 2 m, 1 x 3 m, 1 x 5 m, 1 x 8 m, custom


high tenacity polyester, knotless

Material Diameter

Ø 4 mm

Pose of Mesh



white, Black

Mesh Connection

knotless braid

Edge Design

reinforced selvage cord of approx. 6 mm,with edged rope

Regular Inspection Interval

12 months





Model No.


Weight per Unit Area

400 g/m²

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