Skylight Safety Net

As a lack of fall protection skylights can time and again cause serious injuries or even fatal accidents, mobile protection measures like safety nets are becoming ever more important. Our skylight nets reliably protect people engaged in maintenance and snow clearance in winter.


Skylight safety net in conformity with ANSI A10.11
The net has to be placed over the complete skylight frame for mounting. The belt strap has then to be contracted under the frame so far that the complete net construction can no longer slide upwards over the frame. The dimensions given are the dimensions of the net. The light dome net must be selected correspondingly larger than the size of the light dome frame.
The skylight net is suitable for securing one person. When used as a fall protection, a professionally mounted skylight frame with overhang is a prerequisite. When used as a stop mechanism, a professionally mounted skylight frame with overhang and finished sealing is required.
The skylight safety net is stitched by 2.5cm high-strength polyester ribbon, 14cm mesh holes. In addition, the net is equipped with a 8.5m cargo lash. The tension belt is pulled together under the protruding parts of the light dome frame, thus providing stress-resistant anchorage for the net.
The 100% polyester material provides better weather-resistance and Wear-resistant, our safety nets are suitable for both outdoor and indoor use.



1.8 x 3 m

Webbing material

high tenacity polyester

Webbing size


Mesh Size

140 x 140 mm

Pose of Mesh


Mesh Connection



1-1/16″cargo lash, 8.5 meters length

Standards and Rules

ANSI A10.11

Regular Inspection Interval

12 months





Model No.


Weight per Unit


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