Industrial Fan Cover

The nets for use in industrial fan protects the impact of falling parts. An additional web is sewn/linked to the border mesh. The border gives the net a neat outer edge on all sides and simultaneously ensures stable anchorage points. The border and all seams are executed in the same color as the net.


The industrial fan cover consists of two nets on top and bottom, which are connected by 2.5cm hook and loop strips, so that they can be installed and replaced quickly.
The 4mm mesh can effectively block the falling of parts as well as dust, prolonging the service life of the fan. The high strength polyester material has good environmental adaptability and can be used both indoors and outdoors.
We can now produce products for 60cm, 75cm, 100cm, 125cm diameter fans, other sizes can be customized, Thanks to the knotless weave, which is no less stable than a knotted connection, the net keeps its shape perfectly.



Ø 60 cm, Ø 75 cm, Ø 100 cm, Ø 125 cm, custom


high tenacity polyester, knotless

Mesh Size

4 x 4 mm

Pose of Mesh


Mesh Connection

knotless braid

Edge Design

reinforced selvage cord of approx. 10 mm

Connection method

2.5 cm hook and loop strips

Regular Inspection Interval

12 months





Model No.


Weight per Unit

85g, 104.5g, 139g, 229g

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