Fall Safety Net

Usually people hardly pay attention to the importance of safety nets in the construction process, but when accidents happen, safety nets can play an important role, he can effectively protect the safety of personnel and materials, most countries have developed national standards for this purpose, with the aim of ensuring the safety of daily work on construction sites.


Fall safety nets in conformity with Chinese standard GB5725-2009 with additional border rope
The net is made of nylon rope with a wire diameter of about 4.5mm, with a mesh hole of about 8cm and a border rope of 8mm. We can adjust the mesh hole size and the thickness of the border rope according to the size of the net. The net is sewn tightly with the side rope.
The 100% nylon material provides better weather-resistance and UV-stability, our safety nets are suitable for both outdoor and indoor use.



high tenacity polyamide, knotted

Material Diameter

Ø 4.5 mm

Mesh Size

80 x 80 mm

Pose of Mesh


Mesh Connection

knotted braid

Edge Design

reinforced selvage cord of approx. 8 mm,with edged rope

Strength of net Rope


Strength of Edged Rope


Dynamic Test

100kg iron ball falling from 7m, no breakage of net rope and border rope

Standards and Rules



CNAS certificate

Regular Inspection Interval

12 months





Model No.


Weight per Unit Area

380 g/m²

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