Our company successfully passed the Module D Audit under the supervision of UKAS

On October 12, 2019, UKAS Expert Mark, CCQS Auditor Mr. Cai, Product Engineer Mr. Luo and Translator Mr. Liu visited our company. During this period, they will check our safety harness products according to the relevant regulations of PPE Module D FPC.

In the morning, the audit team inspected the production environment firstly, they checked the suppliers of raw materials one by one, and then inspected the production equipment, production flow chart, semi-finished products and finished products inspection area, unqualified products and finished product warehouses, and the key steps in the production process which were inquired. Then they came to the laboratory to check the effectiveness and accuracy of the testing equipment.

After the on-site audit, Mr. Cai reviewed the relevant documents of production, management and training; while Mr. Luo reviewed the order, production process, inspection process, customer satisfaction survey and so on. At about 2 P.M., the audit team inspected the static load test of FT-SH-02 safety harness and the dynamic load test of FT-SH-01 safety harness. The test results all meet the quality requirements.

After one day’s audit, the audit team was satisfied with the production and quality control of our products and gave some reference opinions at the same time. Then they announced that our company had successfully passed the audit of Module D of this year. Our company always insists on being responsible for the products, producing and testing our products strictly according to the requirements, satisfy the customers, and reassure the users. Strengthen management and inspection as usual in the following time.

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