Hello guys! This was our factory, a company which mainly produce falling protection equipment, such as knotted safety net, full body harness, and braided safety rope. Our CEO Mr. Ye founded this factory in 2005, and he has been working on this industry for 27 years.
In the beginning, we mainly focused on power engineering construction. we provide personal protection equipment for large and small power engineering in central and western in China in the past 20 years. Even in the snowy weather, we still deliver the products to the scene on time.
Our services have been expanded to steel structures construction, across-river bridges construction and some other infrastructure construction projects now.
we can provide timely, accurately and effectively services to our customers, protect the safety of every high-altitude worker. Let’s talking about your needs.



Every cooperation was a test of our production and service. Under the supervision of our customers, we can grow faster, do better, and become best partners.