Feitesafe is a professional manufacturer supplying high-quality fall protection products

One-stop Falling Protection

Procurement and ODM Solutions

One-stop fall protection procurement and ODM solutions

High-quality Fall Protection Products



Fall Safety Nets/Flame-Retardant Nets/Safety Net With Debris Nets/Skylight Safety Nets/Scaffolding Nets
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Cargo Nets

Cargo Nets

Container Cargo Nets/Truck Cargo Nets/Tailer Cargo Nets/Pallets Cargo Nets
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Safety Harness

Safety Harness

Full body harness/Climbing harness/Accessories
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Safety Lanyard

Safety Lanyard

Lanyard/Energy Absorber/Anchor Sling
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Safety Ropes

Safety Rope

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We Support Different Business Modes

Regardless of your business modes, we always provide clients with optimal solutions at affordable prices.


For a brand owner that has its own design, we provide professional OEM service at competitive prices.
With superior craftsmanship and manufacturing capacity of earphone products, we can meet different quality standards as required by different brands.                                        


If you have no product drawing, but want to build your own brand, you can benefit from our free design service.
Integrating stylish design and the latest technology into one product is what our design team has been good at. We firmly believe that strong branding comes from full customization.


If you are a distributor or retailer that wants to impress target customers by offering more choices.
You can buy different types from our various in-stock designs, in small bulk, which allows you to overcome the MOQ to benefit our wholesale prices.                                                                           

More Benefits to Work with Feitesafe

Feitesafe provides its clients with more to lower their risks and enhance their incomes. Cooperating with Feitesafe means a higher return on investment.

First-hand standard info

We will update the products and certificates as soon as possible according to industry standard changes

In-depth market development

Cooperate with customers to complete new product development, testing and promotion

Consistent Production

In-house quality control system has enabled our stable quality for you to maintain customer loyalty

Flexible supply

our internal can provide flexible matching solutions based on customer purchases

Short Lead Time

We have ready-made stocks prepared to ship or efficient customization fulfilled timely

Rapid Worldwide Delivery

Thanks to our reliable long-term forwarding partners, your goods can arrive quickly and securely

Professional Backing

Our decades of industry know-how and experience will get your issues solved with no worries

Fast Troubleshooting

A well-tracked traceability allows the cause of the problem to be identified and resolved as soon as possible

Rest Assured with

Safety Harness Certifications

Feite maintains a full set of safety harness certifications revolving goggle use safety and reliability. They are issued by globally-known labs proving our authentic quality.

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